Karen Acosta

Mobilia Agency


Brand Redesign Web Redesign
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    Freelance Solo Project
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    Logo Designer + Web Designer
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Mobilia is furniture design and interior design agency based in Portugal. They have a loyal flow of clients and recently have been trying to create an online presence and redesigning their brand identity.



  • Accentuate the strong traits of the brand
  • Give hints of strength
  • Must feel local or colorful
  • Feel of furniture ideation or construction
  • Reduce the amount of information in the site to the most important
  • Make navigation easier for the user when entering the site

Logo Solution + Ideation Process

When coming up with the new logo for Mobilia my start point was one of the most iconic traits of Portugal when you first get there, the amazing mosaic art, those are - everywhere -. For this logo I knew that something that I had to focus on was using clean cuts and geometric shapes because when you are in a room filled with furniture you can spot these sort of shapes with ease.

The letter to make enfasis on when pursuing the final shape was the letter 'M', this letter is very flexible but it has strong angles so it makes it tricky when trying to create room for softness in the final outlook.

Web Design